Hiking through Atacama Chile

Last February I decided to go on an adventure to South America, specifically Chile and the driest place on earth, San Pedro de Atacama.  Getting to Atacama is a bit difficult so I can see why many people in the United States hasn’t been there or even heard about it. A flight to Panama, then to Santigo Chile, spend the night in the hotel and take the 6am flight out to the closes airport to San Pedro de Atacama, then catch a 2 hour ride to Atacama.  After doing that, I can see why this place isn’t a popular destination for US tourist.  Also Atacama is 3500-5000 meters high, which means, that just walking 50 yards will leave you breathing heavy and just standing still will give most people headaches.

Here’s some of the pictures which were taken at Vally of the Moon.


Here’s  a few photos from Santiago


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